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"The Reflexology Prof’s “OFFICIAL” Guide to Reflexology -- A Quick Start Guide...

There's no buts about it — having powerful relaxation techniques is the key to better energy levels, less stress and a BETTER LIFE.

Stress relief is a must! But you don’t want just any type technique. You want ones that are easy to do and take little effort — an ever-growing number of people are looking to Reflexology for this very reason.

Join me, Wendy Coad, as I uncover several, time-tested ways you can reduce the stress in your life. These techniques are used by hundreds of thousands around the world.

As developer of the ReflexologyProf programs, I’ve spent thousands of hours testing real-world techniques that support health and well-being, day after day. Over the past 16 years, these techniques have earned me a good living, but more importantly, great health and lots of energy. My specialty lies in helping individuals, like you, create an understanding of how using these simple holistic techniques can change your life.

Here's My Promise to You...

I promise that all of the proven strategies I share with you in this program…

1. will help you TARGET health issues (not just general stuff)

2. will COST YOU NOTHING to implement

3. are downright doable by ANYONE (that means you!)

4. will start working for you RIGHT AWAY.

You can also be sure that this program will not be technical in nature. I specially chose these gems of information in a way that won't make your head explode!

IMPORTANT: I am NOT teaching you how to technically practice Reflexology on someone else. That requires more hands-on training which must be learned live and in-person. To promise you a complete training with this short a course would be sneaky or underhanded.

But I do want EVERYONE to learn these simple ways to get you started on the road to better health or a career in Reflexology.

Sound good? I thought so! Order now if you’re ready.

Here’s Just a Sampling of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to choose what “reflexes are best for YOUR relaxation — these easy methods work for anyone.

  • Which of the "big five" techniques are most effective (and how to do it).

  • The one major mistake you should NEVER do. (Oh, the irony!)

  • The simple trick you can use that can get you relaxed in record time. (When I shared this with my clients they were blown away — what a creative idea!)

  • How to partner with someone to get even more benefits. (Bonus: This technique will also get you a slew of new friends!)

  • The two-minute tweak that turns your low energy ebb into a high energy flow — and if you’re already in practice, profitable — for generating client return.

  • The "special" secret that can support your stress relief by up to 50% alone!

  • The fun and easy “Three Point Steps” a strategy that can help you relax at night.

  • How to turn a single session into not one, not two … but three targeted relaxation streams!

  • My secret strategy: How a Reflexology map could be giving you oodles more information right now — but it’s not. (I’ll tell you how to fix that.)

  • And more bonus tips!

And, as always with any ReflexologyProf production, you'll get much more than you pay for, along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

This program is designed to give you all the facts and features of what these amazing techniques can do. I’ll be talking about every facet of the practice and give you quick tips on how to get started. Even if you know a lot about Reflexology, you’ll learn something new with this comprehensive guide.

116 Minutes of Audio with a Color Map - SUITABLE FOR FRAMING

Included in the Guide Package are:

√ Download MP3 Audio

√ a colorful Reflexology Foot-map guide, SUITABLE FOR FRAMING

  • If you've invested in other programs that weren't so great, you can rest assured with my 100% money-back guarantee.

  • $19.95 (plus S&H)

  • How Much Would This Be Worth to YOU?

    $75? $100? $200?

    This program has been valued at at least $117.00, I’m offering it to you for only $19.95 so you can get started easily. That's a mere fraction of the cost compared with the value of what I will reveal to you. Best of all, these will be easy-to-understand strategies that you can use immediately!

    By signing up today you'll also automatically receive a downloadable MP3 copy of the entire AUDIO RECORDING.

    Please note this is a limited time offer, so lock in this great deal now.

    YES, Wendy — I want to learn how to use Reflexology immediately!

    I understand that for only $19.95, I'll get a full
    MP3 downloadable audio recording of the complete
    116-minute program and a beautiful downloadable
    PDF color Reflexology map.
    I will have ALL the information I need to get started right away. (I also make this purchase at NO RISK with your money-back guarantee.)

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    DISCLAIMER: This site was created to share the wonderful benefits of Reflexology. It is for educational purposes only. Results will vary. Reflexology is never a substitute for medical care. The information on this site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or prevent any disease. You are advised to consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.
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